Natural Language Processing Idea Verification

Do you have an innovative idea for a product or a solution using Natural Language Processing? Are you looking to verify the feasibility of your idea quickly? I offer R&D consulting services in NLP. I can take your idea, explore the state-of-the-art in the literature for you, and build a prototype for you in a matter of days or weeks. Let's make your exciting idea a reality! 

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Natural Language Processing R&D Simplified

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a rapidly growing field with transformative potential applications for many industries.  However, the barrier to entry can be very high, and the skills are rare. 

After 7+ years of working in NLP, doing research and developing products, I know what is important to become a top NLP practitioner and researcher. What works, and what doesn't. Through my mentorship services, I help others how to get there. 
If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out the application form, and I will be in touch to set up a free 30-minute consultation with you. Spots are limited. 

About Nikola

Hello! I am a researcher/engineer in NLP based in Switzerland. I have a PhD in NLP, and 7+ years of experience in doing research, and developing production-ready AI systems. 

I have worked with over 50 startups and individuals to help them realise their advanced NLP projects. I would look forward to working together with you as well! 

My services

One-off Consultations

  • Technical deep-dive on the state-of-the-art in NLP / AI. 
  • Ask all your questions related to your specific area of interest or use-case.
  • 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Monthly Mentorship Package

  • One mentoring session per month 
  • Access to me via chat in between sessions
  • Project supervision and guidance
  • Career advice
  • Interview preparation


Monthly Mentorship Package

  • Two mentoring sessions per month
  • Access to me via chat in between sessions
  • Project supervision and guidance
  • Career advice
  • Interview preparation
Get in touch for any custom requests. 

Learning outcomes

Below are some of the learning outcomes I have been able to deliver to my mentees. 

  • Understand and apply the state-of-the-art in NLP  to build innovative applications. 

  • Build your analytical and problem solving skills. 

  • Make your CV stand out with experience working on advanced projects. Prepare for interviews. 

  • Learn how to approach and execute an advanced NLP project from start to finish. Publish a paper at a top conference. 

Project areas 

These are some of the areas  in which I have in-depth expertise. 

Automatic text summarisation

Machine Translation

Document understanding and semantic search

Text generation

Language models

Question answering / chatbots


"Very knowledgeable mentor. Nikola is a fantastic NLP guide. He has a lot of practical experience and theoretical understanding. He's a gold mine and I was lucky to have found him." - Sonia

"Excellent. Nikola read the papers required for our deep-dive and suggested a direction for the next steps in our research." - Vladimir

"It was a terrific session I had with Dr. Nikola, clear guidance and helpful for my case." - Budi

"Nikola is very knowledgeable in the field of NLP." - Vishal

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